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Keep on moving. April 3, 2011

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I am sitting in the beautiful city of Granada right now, enjoying our day off in the cutest cafe ever. However that is about to be ruined by the essay I have to write. So, Managua, was fun, a little hard to get through because the lectures were a bit dissapointing and it is HOT here. And with Peter leaving, we all had a rough week. We went dancing to blow off steam and that was wonderful. Then we went to the dump, where there is a neighborhood inside with al the families that sort trash to make $3 each day. It was one of the saddest things I have ever seen. I can barely describe it and haven´t really let the reality soak in. However, there is a family there working to run a school within the dump and they are providing a world of hope for these people. It was an incredible blessing to meet these people and hear how dedicated they were to serving God through this school inside a literal hell. Every time I see hurt here, it is always counteracted with even more hope. I think it´s incredible how that works.

We are now in Granada, staying in the middle of nowhere, yet the stars are amazing and the people are so sweet. We spent the afternoon at the lake yesterday and it was sooooo refreshing! We have only 4 and half weeks left, but I really think I could travel this world for forever. I wish you guys could see all of this.


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